Yup. I didn't know I was until I was an adult. All my life, my parents asked why I can't be more like my siblings. Why I get overwhelmed by so many things.

Years ago, I did a website for a guy that ran a youth program. Keeping kids off the street. A month or so in, we met in person so I could show him how to use the site.

He said he finally figured out what's different about me. He said there's nothing between the lines. Ever. Everything is literal. I told him I don't even understand between the lines.

He asked if I'm autistic. He said the autistic kids in his program are like that. I was kind of stunned. I had no idea. Turns out, yes. And ADHD, because why not double up.

Youtube is not my happy place. :)

I feel for you -- wish they'd have a less crazy interface, too. I might watch it more. A couple of movies a year and I'm good.

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