Yup. Bang on. I am in Canada and it's just as stupid and toxic here. Masks are mandated in public places and there's people marching through the malls with no masks on screaming about their "freedom" -- same as America.

Restaurants are open, bars are open. People go there in a mask and then take it off to eat or drink. So stupid I cannot wrap my head around it.

There is only one answer. They don't give a damn -- toxic ignorance. They think their opinion is as "valid" as a doctor who has been working in the field for 50 years.

And all those people talking about herd immunity don't even know what it means. Herd immunity is not on the table until there is a vaccine. There is no vaccine yet, so there is no herd immunity. There is only rampant illness and death.

Blows my mind. How did we become so stupid and selfish as a culture?

Well said. Keep up the great work. :)

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