Yup. America is a nation divided into camps. There’s the “make america white again” camp and the “omfg, what just happened” camp. Course, that’s just among the 60% of Americans that voted. Lots of others, too, but those are the predominant ones.

On top of that, 40% of y’all didn’t even vote. I read there were 231,556,622 eligible to vote, but only 138,884,643 actually voted. I’m guessing those numbers are wildly wrong. I’m sure there were people discounted that should have been included, and skewed numbers and all sorts of junk.

The ones that blow my mind are the ones who voted for Trump and are now facing deportation, or losing their healthcare. There’s a lesson there for those that care to learn it.

As a culture, all us North Americans need to shake our heads and look at our part in the world. We don’t just vote at elections. We make cultural votes every day — how we spend our money and what comes out of our mouths.

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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