You’re right. For privilege to exist, oppression must also exist. The worse oppression, of course, is when the oppressed don’t even know they are oppressed and/or participate in the oppression.

Interesting tidbit for you… in 1993, federal securities regulators forced companies (for the first time) to reveal the pay & perks of top executives. The “idea” was that once those wages were in the public eye, it would inhibit companies from paying outrageous wages to those at the top.

What happened instead is that the media started running articles ranking CEOs by pay. In response, executive salaries skyrocketed. In 1978, the average CEO earned 36x as much as the average worker salary. By 2008, the average CEO earned 369x the average worker salary.

So while it’s real easy to say that for women to earn an equal salary, it must come from the men’s pay, I would ask — which men? Because minimum wage has not gone up at the same rate as CEO pay. Most corporations could easily increase wages for all their workers if CEO’s were paid a mere 100x more than the average worker.

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