You’re absolutely right that the concerns people have are not drama. The forced sterilizations, agency for women, all those kids in cages. Those are not drama. Not at all.

But the “omg, half of America” thing — that’s drama. And by drama, I mean they are pushing people’s buttons to get clicks. The truth is more people didn’t vote at all than those who voted for Trump. But that doesn’t make for a clickable title, right? It doesn’t push panic buttons.

I work on the Internet full time, doing marketing for my clients. Being online all day every day makes me real tired of manipulation and the media does that better than almost anyone. Writers learn fast, too.

You know what frightens me? That Trump could actually win this thing. Still. Because the electoral college does not “have to” honor the popular vote. It’s convention, not law. Just like not appointing a Supreme Court judge during an election year is “convention” but not law.

And so I think in the interest of our sanity, we need to pull back a little on pushing the panic buttons. You know? The pandemic isn’t getting better and the outcome is still up in the air. We could use more sanity in titles, not more panic.

Best last paragraph, ever!! I don’t think Canada will invade anytime soon but you made me laugh so points for that. :)

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