Your 2nd paragraph — that’s it in a nutshell, right?! Seo has been part of my day job for so long, it wouldn’t be much extra work to haul in more Google views. But why? 3 reads a month isn’t enough to convert. Not even close.

That 3-read limit means it’s a one way street. We send people here, Medium fails to convert them. 3 a week, sure — 3 a month — nope. Not enough.

On the first paragraph — I hear your pain. I often opt for bigger publications to get more views and neglect my own little publications.

Medium needs to understand that we only have the tools they give us to work with and if the only tool in the box is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. There are darn STRONG writers here — you’re one of them. But we need more tools to achieve mutual growth.

Thanks for reading, I love when I see you in my comments. You always have something great to add. ❤

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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