You know what, Tom? You’re right. There are millions of men who will never commit those kinds of crimes.

But still, every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten by a man. Every day, 600 women are raped in the USA. Every day, 3 American women are murdered by their partner or ex-partner. Every year, women experience 4.8 million partner-related physical assaults

I don’t care if it’s going down, it’s still too many. Here’s a perspective that might be helpful. We’re not talking about you.
You know?

When there’s a bus or plane crash, all the bus drivers and pilots aren’t running around making sure everyone knows they didn’t do it. #notallpilots #notalldrivers.

No, what they do is shake their heads and say that’s awful. It’s a tragedy. How can we make it safer? How can we solve this problem?

So maybe instead of taking it personally, you could look at those numbers and say holy shit, how can we make it safer to be a woman in this world? Help, instead of getting defensive.

Because if you’re not raping and beating women, we’re not talking about you.

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