You know, Trump keeps talking 12 years. 12 years. And I have a theory on that.

FDR served 12 years. He died in the White House, three months into his fourth term. Before that, there's been no rule about how long a president can serve.

George Washington had suggested 2 terms, and most presidents honored that suggestion. But it wasn't law. FDR didn't honor it. As such, he is the longest standing president in history.

After FDR's death, the Twenty Second Amendment was passed, limiting a president's terms in office to two terms.

Trump has a big ego. I think he wants to be the longest standing President in history. Hence, repeating the "12 years" thing.

Thing is, it's not just Trump. It's the senate. If Trump wins the seat but loses the senate, things can still change. If he keeps the seat and the senate -- it's not going to 4 years of the same.

Abuse always escalates. Always.

Great post. Hope it gets a ton of reads. We need voices like yours.

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