You know, as a person that spends a stupid amount of time studying analytics, I agree — but at the same time, there’s 2 sides to every coin.

Take, for example, the advice dudes who get 5K claps on another “this is what you’re doing wrong” post. It might mean 5,000 people clicked once… Or it could mean 100 rabid fans clicked 50x each. Most likely, somewhere between the two.

And no matter how much *I* hate that drivel it’s getting a response. If someone is trying to build an audience, do they write what resonates? Or write stuff that doesn’t get clicked?

That’s the other side of the coin. To some degree, we’ve all been taught not to re-invent the wheel. Look to see what works and do that. I can’t really fault anyone for doing “what works” — it’s not my cup of tea, but I get why people post that stuff.

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