You have some good points, but also some conclusions that I don’t agree with. Men & women aren’t the same physically or mentally, for sure. Interestingly, there is no discernible difference between a male and female brain, which makes me wonder how much of the difference is societal.

That said, I don’t think we need to understand someone to show respect. There are lots of people that I don’t understand at all, but I do understand the concept of treating people respectfully. That alone goes a LONG way.

I used to teach Art in a public school, many moons ago. One day, a little boy was sent to the principal’s office for physical violence. He was a big kid and was punching other kids in the class. The principal called his parents.

I happened to be in the office when the boy’s father arrived. The Dad stomped in and walloped his son across the head, hard, and said “That’ll teach you to hit other children…” I looked the father straight in the eye and said “You’re right, it did.” If he could have hit me, I think he would have.

But you know what? I never had trouble with that kid again. Ever. He saw me refuse to back down from his bully of a father and I earned his respect. How messed up is that, you know?

You’re right that we have a big problem, but I think it’s an oversimplification to say it comes down to female teachers not understanding boys. Teachers have no time to understand, they’re swamped just trying to manage 25–30 kids in one room, not all of them with good behavior.

There are just too many factors and some of them start at home long before kids get to school. Add in peer pressure and other kids and it’s a loaded keg. You’re right that boys need good role models, but so do girls. We should live in a world where half of girls in grade 4 think they’re too fat and need to be on a diet. That’s messed up. But to go back around to the beginning, it’s not that hard to teach a child that physical violence is wrong and that there are better ways to vent anger. Because anger isn’t limited to boys.

Thanks so much for having a real conversation… :)

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