You have a wealth of information here. I don't think we can look at averages anymore. Corporate and political corruption have made averages irrelevant.

Here is an example. Imagine 5 people. 4 of them are 2 feet tall. One of them is 12 feet tall. Well, the group average is 4 feet. Clearly they are not all 4 feet. It's not even a relevant number.

That is the financial state of the country and the world. According to statistics, the "average" income in America is 59K. And yet half of Americans are broke and cannot scratch together a thousand dollars for an emergency. So how is that average relevant? It's not.

Jeff Bezos earns $150,000 per minute. An amazon warehouse worker would need to work 204 years, full time, to earn what Bezos earns in one hour.

In the hour it takes a new Walmart employee to earn the $11 starting wage, the family that owns Walmart earns $4 million.

Averages are not relevant anymore. We need to do more to show income disparity to give people a more accurate picture.

Thanks for what you do -- I enjoy your posts. :)

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