You forgot to add “some of” — lol. Some of the articles are blowing hot air. The question, of course, is which ones.

Here is the thing. No one can teach anyone to be a “good” writer. All we can do is help people not be a bad writer. I spent two years reading submissions at an indie publisher. I saw the same mistakes, over and over again.

The good ones had almost nothing in common. The bad ones had much in common. Bad writing is easy to recognize for almost everyone.

Art is a great comparison, because good art is subjective. We all like different things. But when an artist does not know how sunlight falls and has shadows that argue with each other, or they do not understand perspective or do not know how the body is hinged, we can all see that “something” is off. We might not have the language to say what’s off, but we know when something is off.

Writing is like that. And when people have some basic things wrong, more writing won’t correct it. They can write until the cows come home and will keep making the same mistakes, until someone says stop doing this thing.

That said, there are some excellent books on the toolbox of writing that can help and they are accessible with a mere library card.

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