You are a plain speaker, and by that I mean you're easy to read. Some people are real hard to read. Usually they're too busy trying to sound smarter than they are or trying to impress people.

Plain speaking goes a real long way. It's the hardest thing to teach and you don't need to be taught it.

First thing that came to mind is this -- tell us more stories. You can call yourself old as git if you want to, but what I hear there is a lifetime of stories just waiting to be told.

Flesh them out over that glass of wine, if you like. But there's nothing people love more than human interest stories. Here's what happened, here's what I learned from it or what it made me feel.

And feel welcome to tag me on some of them. Half the time the feed is drunk and I don't see the people I want to and do see the ones I don't particularly want to see.

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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