You are a much bigger person than I am, Stephen. I cannot feel sorry for people who wield hate like a shield. They are uneducated. And not just in the differences you speak of, but so much more.

They are so uneducated they do not understand that the human brain is hardwired to sort into “us” and “other.” That was how our ancestors survived to live and breed. By having clear knowledge of which people are “us” and thus safe, and which are “other” and thus present danger.

The people who had very clear understanding of “us” and “other” were the ones that survived to pass their genes down. So today, we live in a world where most human beings have strong tendencies to “judge” each other.

Viktor Frankl spoke about this a great deal. He said we do mankind a disservice when we judge by race, creed and color. Instead, we should realize that there are only two kinds of humans. Those who have the capacity for evil, and those who do not.

But too many people look at the most evil people among us, and lo and behold, they are rich and male and white and hetero religious and so they think they are good. And in judging from a place of bigotry, we are hurting each other and destroying the planet, all in one fell swoop.

We all bleed the same blood. We all cry the same tears. And yet there are too many who look the other way when bigotry surrounds us and “hate” other humans based on things that never mattered in the first place.

Sorry this was so long. This is the first piece of yours I’ve discovered. Followed. Nice to meet you.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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