You and me both, Gwendolyn. I have a mother, 5 sisters, a daughter and 4 nieces. Everyone, except two, has shared the same. I wish it was my daughter that didn’t have a story to tell. It wasn’t. 10 out of 12 of us has a story to tell, some more than one. Not one of us reported the incident, and we all know why. Because it’s not frigging worth the character assassination that’s going to follow. Why did you wear that dress, why did you go there, are you sure you weren’t mistaken, etc., etc.

They don’t ask those questions when someone reports being robbed. But when it’s rape or sexual harassment of the ugliest kind, it’s suddenly up to the woman to prove she’s not just trying to make some man miserable and ruin *his* life with her accusations. And maybe there are a small number of women who do that for reasons I don’t understand and possibly include mental issues, but they are not the majority. The majority of women don’t even bother reporting because it’s not worth the ensuing crap. So we pick up the pieces and move on as best we can. And it sucks that the same crap is still going on in 2018.

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