Yes, exactly. I love the quote you shared — it’s so true. When you have 11 white men and one token woman or person of color, there is no real diversity in the ideas that get passed around much less voted on at that table.

When I read statistics that say 16% of boardroom presence are people of color or women (or whatever) we can’t pretend there’s a real growth in diversity because those few people are token people sprinkled through 500 companies and their voices still aren’t being heard in any measurable way.

And that’s if they feel the freedom to voice what they really think in the first place. I have sat at a boardroom table with 12 white men who were twice my age and it’s real hard to have a voice, much less have it be heard.

Thanks so much for the insightful and thorough response. Replies like yours are why I reach out with some less than popular topics. Nothing ever changes if awareness doesn’t lead the way.

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