Wow, that’s a lot of assumptions all in one place. Mostly wrong, too.

In four months, I have written 111 posts here and built a following of 3.3K readers. Do you think I did that in 2 minute jaunts? I promise you not.

I have easily read 10x more than I’ve written. I am self employed, which means a lot of client calls. Often I find myself with 5/10/15 minutes to kill before a call. No point starting anything. So I pop in here.

Which is how “most” people use Facebook. Tongue in cheek comment. Clearly you don’t know me well enough to know that. Saying I pop in when I have a few minutes doesn’t mean I’m not also a power user. I spend a lot of time here. Sometimes I wonder why, but I enjoy it so I do. A quick check of my profile before commenting would have told you that.

I don’t much use FB because I think Zuck is a POS of a human being. That’s a whole different conversation.

You did, however, give me an idea for another post, so thanks for that. :)

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