Why? Two reasons.

(1) Lack of awareness. People who are oppressed are often not aware of the oppression. That’s the most insidious type of oppression, when the oppressed are unaware, and even aid in their own oppression. Oppression of women is so deeply ingrained into societal structures that some women can’t even see it. Our loving fathers let us know where we stood, the Bible says it, the law says it. So to many women, it’s not oppression. It’s just “how it is.”

(2) Self preservation. Let’s say a woman sees the oppression. Starts speaking out about it. What is her reward for that? The men don’t have her back anymore. They don’t want to “protect” her. She’s not the first choice hire (men are), she earns less, becomes familiar with the glass ceiling and the boys club, gets harassed more and is still not equal to a man in a court of law.

I would invite you to create a female profile and start writing about feminism as a woman. Not that you would. But you’d see a perspective that you cannot see as a man. It’s damn hard to be a feminist in the world when the laws of the land do not have your back. There is no country in which a woman is equal to a man in a court of law. That needs to change first.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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