Why do you think anger and yelling are the same thing? I read this entire piece twice and it seems to me that you are painting rage, yelling, temper tantrums and generally losing one’s shit as synonyms for anger.

They aren’t, you know. One can be very angry without yelling or losing our shit. I don’t blame you personally for that, it’s a byproduct of patriarchy. Most men think losing their shit is synonymous with anger.

Anger is just an emotion. What you do with it is a separate thing. Psychology teaches that anger is a useful emotion, because anger is how we determine when there is injustice and anger is how we determine boundaries.

Let me promise you, Rosa Parks was very angry when she refused to get up and give her seat to a white person. Calm, yes. Restrained, yes. But very angry. Anger paired with quiet restraint is a very powerful thing.

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