Who doesn’t remember Lorena Bobbit? The point is that there is ONE Lorena Bobbit. If there was ONE man who did a horrible thing to his wife, we would be talking about that one horrible man, and everyone would know his name.

We wouldn’t be talking about toxic masculinity, we’d be talking about that one horrible, horrible man. Just like everyone knows that Bobbit woman.

But it’s not one man. Every day, 9600 women are assaulted (one every 9 seconds), 600 women are raped, and 3 women are murdered. Every. single. Day. That’s why it’s referred to as toxic masculinity. Because of the epic proportions in which it’s happening.

You know what I didn’t touch on, yet? The number of children who witness it. The police officer in my story? He sent their 2 boys to the store for candy and then killed their mother and himself. That’s what they came home to.

9600 assaults, 600 rapes and 3 murders. Every day. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and on and on.

If you can make me a list of women that doesn’t just have Lorena Bobbit on it, but that comes even close — even 25% the size — then we can talk about it.

It is neither dishonest nor infantilising to women to state facts. Most men are stronger than women (ie strangling and rape) and a gun doesn’t care who points it at who.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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