Who broke feminism? People. All the people stapling crap onto feminism that doesn’t belong there.

When the Equal rights Amendment was first proposed in 1923, the definition was pretty simple: that women be considered equal to men in all places; be it in the workplace or a court of law.

It’s real simple. It means I am not “less than” a man simply because I lack a specific anatomical appendage. But 93 YEARS later, we have not attained the goal of equal status yet. And why?

Because no one can agree on what feminism means in the first place.

That’s not to say some of the issues that radical feminists have aren’t valid or worthy of conversation. But seriously; it’s 2016 and women are still not legally equal to men because no one can agree on what that means?

We can send people into space. We can invent the Internet and communicate with people around the world. We have self driving cars and 3D limbs. But we can’t figure out what “equal” means? That’s messed up.

We use the power of might and size to tell other countries how they ought to be living. We protest honor killings and we send ambassadors to teach women in other countries that they have rights. But we can’t ratify equality in the United Frigging States of America. That’s messed up.

And here’s the biggest problem. Too often, the law IS what forces change.

You’re a boomer. How many people do YOU know that wore seat belts before they were legislated? Most cars didn’t even have them. Know why? It wasn’t legally mandatory. Start handing people hefty fines for violating the seat belt law, and suddenly they’re buckling up.

But we can’t see that the same concept applies? That change happens one step at a time? Are we really that dumb as a species? It would appear so.

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