When people talk about having kids, they always think of the “little kid” stage. The workload doesn’t get easier as they grow up, it just gets different.

The 2 stages before they move out are puberty and the teenage years. Those are the real test of sanity, not the diaper years. Those 2 stages are probably why parents are happier when their kids leave the nest.

The bunny pajama years are why you don’t just off the little buggers during puberty and the teenage years.

I was a single Mom. Empty nester now. Love her to bits. It was a LOT of work. More work than anyone ever thinks it will be.

There’s one other factor, and it’s can you afford them. Not just the “stuff” but the lessons and the education and do you have a plan for what you’ll do if they’re autistic or disabled, because those things happen, too.

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