What would you miss if it ceased to exist?

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Look around you. What would you miss if it ceased to exist?

My daughter. Piece of my heart walking around outside of my body.
My Mama. I save every voicemail she leaves so there is never a day in my life I can’t hear her voice telling me she loves me.

Family, friends and the motley assortment of people who fill our lives.
Pets next. For some of us, maybe pets first. The heart knows what it needs.

The roof over your head, of course. Food on the table every day. The pay you rely on, whether you like the work or not. Because you’d miss your pay if it was gone. Warm blankets, cool cotton sheets. Clothing in the closet. Laundry.

All things we would miss if they simply ceased to exist. It’s not such a strange idea. Many people in the world live without things we barely give a passing thought about. Like running water. Something to eat every day.

Books. Omg, books. If there were no books to curl up with, I’d miss them so.
If I woke up one day to discover lilacs simply ceased to exist, you would hear the wailing into eternity. And peonies.

Cats and kittens and tiny little long haired chihuahua doggies. Blush pink roses with heady fragrance. So many things I would miss if they simply ceased to exist. Sunshine.

And I wonder, what if I were to take a great big jar, and if every day I were to write one tiny thing I am grateful for the existence of? I suspect I could slide tiny strips of paper into that jar until the end of my days.

Chickadees singing outside my window.
Picnics on the beach. Walking in the forest.
Seashells that whisper of the sea when you hold them to your ear.
Medium. I would miss this place so much if it didn’t exist.

We’re funny, we humans.
We think about all the things we want to change. Better job, different job. Better home, different home. Different city, different life. Lose weight, gain weight. Get fit. Eat better.

We read tips on how to live better, smarter, how to acquire more, do more, be more. But the one thing we don’t change is how we see the world around us.

I suspect if we really looked… looked at every tiny thing we would miss if it ceased to exist, it might change us in ways we can’t imagine.

The most powerful way to experience life is from a place of gratitude.
And I’m not sure we do that enough.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world
Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you so much for reading!
I’d miss you if you weren’t here. You are part of what makes Medium great! ❤

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