What a strange society we live in that so many people are quick to call this “creepy” and such.

If someone told us the same story using the name Louisa May Alcott instead of Mark Twain, people would say oh how sweet, she was their hero, their mentor. Poor woman just wanted grand kids.

But make it a man, and automatically it’s suspect.

Back in that era, discipline looked a lot different than today and many little girls were terrified of their fathers. He was (often) the one that meted out punishment.

For a little girls to have a male role model that simply delighted in their presence may have been a very lovely thing indeed. What little girl doesn’t need a good male role model who just adores them for being, and no other reason?

Unless, of course, there was anything untoward happening. This article doesn’t say there was, so without research to determine either way, any assumptions speak volumes.

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