Well what would have taught him any different? Is there a rich white man who doesn't think he's invincible?

We live in a culture that praises rich white men like Steve Jobs who lied about his daughter's paternity and didn't "believe" in charity.

And Jeff Bezos, whose employees would have to work 200 years to make what he earns in one hour.

Show us a rich white man who cares about the poor and we create stupid conspiracies, like we do about Bill Gates. As if he wants to track everyone. No need, Zuck is already doing that.

America needs to flip the senate in November, but it doesn't stop there. That's just emergency control. After that, there's a whole lot that needs to change, and deference to rich white men is at the top of that damn list.

Well said, Jessica. I hope he does go down in history as a war criminal. I'd be happy to just see him go down. That would be a start.

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