Well that’s an interesting conclusion that took me by surprise. Subjective, of course, because not everyone will agree. (nor do they need to)

So here’s a puzzle for you. If objectivity is the answer to good writing, does that mean writing that isn’t subjective isn’t good writing?

If subjectivity is the answer to interesting writing, does that mean all subjective writing is interesting? And if writing isn’t subjective, does that mean it’s not interesting?

I could think of tons of examples that don’t fit that mold. And can objective writing also be interesting? Can subjective writing be good writing? You see?

I’m not sure any of the above is the answer to what good writing is. Because “good” is subjective to begin with. What I think is good and what you think is good may be different.

I read an observation once that made me think. It said maybe not all things are good or bad, but just different. :)

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