Well, some of the world hasn't got there yet. But if you could take America back to the Leave it to Beaver era, there would be some amazing things.

First, shareholder primacy wouldn't be a thing yet, so bosses would have to care for their employees. Pensions and gold watches on retirement.

And the CEO would have to work for a whole month to earn what the workers earn all year. Today he can earn their annual salary in a couple of minutes and people think he rocks.

No one would need to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. They could buy a house on minimum wage. Imagine that! That's what it was supposed to be. The minimum wage that you need to buy a house and live without stress.

Interesting that those same old white men who think women should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen are the ones who made that impossible.

Because they took the workers' pay and shoved it in their own pockets. And then those same men stand up and talk about making America great again. What a load.

lol on your tag list. Thank you! xox

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