Very bad, indeed. Even worse than the numbers you describe is the long term result too many people do not know about.

In a study that was just published in JAMA Neurology showed that 36.4% of C0V1D patients had neurological issues. Not old people. Many in their 30s and 40s, even an 18-year-old. With long term neurological issues.

What kind of issues, you ask? Ranging from cognitive difficulties to confusion. Basically, “encephalopathy” (the term for damage to the brain) — a trend that researchers in Wuhan noticed back in February.

February. Long enough for America to say no — we need to protect our people.

Some of them will only have headaches for the rest of their life, or lose some of their sense of smell or taste. Some may have seizures or kidney damage or liver damage. Because when the brain stem is affected, all parts of the body are up for grabs now.

Stay home when possible. Wear a mask if you have to go out. And if you know anyone who’s being stupid, send them the links below. Easy to pretend it’s like the flue. Not so easy if you struggle to breathe for the rest of your life.


How C0V1D Can Damage the Brain

Long Term Effects of C0V1D-19

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