Using the term “humanist” is like countering black lives matter with all lives matter. The oppressed do not need to change their language to please the oppressors.

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The audience for feminism was never defensive men, it’s women. When women speak out they empower others to do the same. Classic example is #metoo. When more women speak out, when the collective voice grows louder, awareness grows. Eventually, men will have to change when they see that they cannot continue the way they were.

Yes, some men get defensive. That’s their problem to deal with. Sometimes it’s real hard to hear truths one didn’t see and didn’t want to hear about. Making the situation more palatable to the oppressors is not the solution.

We can stop using the word feminism when we stop needing it. For now, there are half a million cases of domestic abuse every year, a woman is raped every two minutes, we still do most of the housework and child rearing, we are still paid less, and there is still a glass ceiling in the office.

Kudos to your dad, but he’s not every dad. Far from it. And until the world sees all human flesh as equal, #blacklivesmatter and #gofeminism

Sorry this was so long. I am a woman working in a male dominated field. This is a hot button, if you couldn’t tell.

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