Umair, you make some very good points. But I would like to add something many do not think of.

Imagine you know a woman who is in an abusive marriage. Her life is at risk. Her children are at risk. So everyone tells her, leave, you must leave.

One day she finds 30 seconds of insane courage, and she takes her kids and runs away to a shelter.

As soon as she gets to the shelter, her children are ripped away from her. They are screaming, crying for Mommy. But no, they are put in cages.

And then Mommy is flown on a plane half a country away from her babies. And then tell her she has a medical problem and they cut her uterus out.

You see, a lot of people have no sympathy because they say "immigrants" -- well, they should not have come here. That is a lie "some" politicians want people to believe.

The truth is that it is not illegal to seek refuge in a "safe" country if you are afraid that your life is at risk where you are.

If war broke out on American soil and people were dying in the streets, Americans could run to a safe place and be given haven. Yes, there are rules and procedures that must be followed. But it is not illegal to seek asylum in a safe country.

That is what many of those people did. They ran away from their homes, their families -- left everything behind to come to a "safe" place.

And this is what America did to them.

Trump is correct when he says there are deplorables. The part he got wrong is who they are.

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