Umair, you have strong and powerful words. But I wonder if there is another factor at play. Many years ago, charities learned that when a problem is too big, people cannot wrap their heads around it.

That applied especially when the people themselves were struggling.

We are in a time when so many Americans are struggling financially. They have no savings. Their jobs are gone because of Covid. They are struggling to make ends meet.

And we are asking them to care about brown people. I'm not sure they have the bandwidth left for that.

Perhaps a more effective plan might be to show them how it will get worse for them if they don't face what is happening. Another year or two of Covid. No health care.

And honestly, I don't care if they never say the word fascist. As long as they go out and check all the blue boxes on their ballot. ALL the blue boxes. Flip the senate. Force change.

Words are important, yes. But when push comes to shove what people DO is more important than what they say.

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