Umair, you have some excellent points about the history of America. It is true that America was founded on racism.

But, your numbers are incorrect.

First, Trump's 71 million voters are not half of America. As of Nov. 2020, there are 255,200,373 adults over 18 in the USA. 71 million is 27% of adults in America.

Next is that 26% of Trump's voters are BPOC. That means 18,460,000 of his 71 million. Safe to say they voted for Trump for other reasons than hating themselves.

If you subtract the BPOC from his 71 million, we get 52,544,000 white people that voted for him and might be racists. That's only 20% of American adults.

So for half the adults in America to be racist, there would need to be more racists among Democrats than there are among Republicans.

It's kind of refreshing to think maybe only a quarter of Americans are raving racists. That would be amazing growth given the history of America.

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