Trump Brought Back Death By Firing Squad

Whether or not Biden turfs it isn’t the point

Did you know firing squads are back?

I didn’t. To be fair, I’m not American. Your news has been over the top. Anti-mask relays, 4000 dead in one day, Trump insisting he won, people shouting about a stolen election, Trump rallies, the GOP fighting among themselves, the end of the eviction freeze and the stimulus checks that didn’t happen.

Firing squads mess people up. Not just the dead person.

Sometimes, members of a firing squad are given a weapon with a blank. It’s to reinforce what’s called diffusion of responsibility. It makes execution by firing squad more reliable because the shooters are more likely to aim to kill if they’re not entirely blamed for it, or if there’s a chance they won’t be the one to fire the lethal shot.

Randy Gardner has a real problem with firing squads…

He was one of the first people to call out Trump for the decision. He watched his brother executed by firing squad a decade ago. It still affects his family today, he says. Over a decade later, they’re still pretty messed up.

“It’s just torture what this does to a body. I’ve got pictures of what it did to my brothers’ body. Perhaps they don’t care about the family of the executed, but I am certain this is also more traumatic for the prison workers who have to carry out the execution, and the workers who get to clean it up. I can tell you for sure, it still affects me and our family.”

It’s not like the pictures you see from the Nazi days, where a whole bunch of guys unload into the prisoners. Nope. They strapped him into a chair. Tied in place. Ring around his head. Shackles on his ankles. Wax bullets in most of the guns. One guy has a real bullet. And they’re all going to shoot someone pinned in place.

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The firing squad execution chamber at Utah State Prison. AP Photo/Trent Nelson

The electric chair and gas aren’t better…

The electric chair was hailed as a humane alternative to hanging and was first authorized by New York State in 1888. The velocity of electrical current is so great the brain will be paralyzed; dead before the nerves feel the shock. That’s what they said when they suggested it. They were wrong.

The gas chamber isn’t better, either…

It was supposed to be the most humane method. Put the condemned in an airtight, leak-proof gas chamber. Then just open the valves and kill the prisoner painlessly. Except, it didn’t work that way. They were not pretty and they were not easy to watch. I will spare you the gruesome details, because they make people burning in the electric chair sound pretty tame.

“Get the firing squads ready. Pence goes FIRST,”

Lin Wood is still at it. 2 days ago, he was censored on Parler for the same type of posts that got him banned from Twitter. He’s still talking about using a firing squad on Pence. He says it’s hyperbole. Should we believe him?

Whether or not Biden turfs it isn’t the point…

Lots of people say Trump bringing back defunct ways to kill doesn’t matter because Biden is going to abolish the death penalty. Maybe he will. If he does, it will save the lives of the many who are wrongly convicted.

What will happen when Biden gets in isn’t the point.

We’re so freaking good at missing the point and glossing over the ugly with gross minimalizations. We call him names. Narcissist. Diaper Don. He’s not good at losing, we say. Mock him for turning America into reality tv.

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