To those people, that is precisely the problem. Because in their eyes, women don’t know their place. In their eyes, women who want an abortion are sluts who slept around but don’t want the consequence.

Not just the men, but the women, too. They are the same woman who laughed at Christine Blasey Ford and they are the same women (and men) who look down their nose at rape victims and ask why were you there, and why were you wearing that dress and have you ever had sex before, like that any of that matters.

Strong women scare them. They don’t want to give women credit. They want to put us “back in our place” like the good old days when we were chattel. And they have the power to do it, so they are. We need more voices and more voting against the resurgence of antiquated beliefs.

Sorry this was so long. Great piece. :)

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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