Tim, I like a LOT of your writing, and I read your posts regularly — but I’m going to call you on this one. Suicide is not an act of selfishness and people need to stop saying that — especially when they have a platform and some influence.

Most often, suicide is the result of mental illness. Sometimes it is the only way they can deal with a terminal diagnosis that isn’t ever going to get better, but only worse.

Calling suicide selfish is an uneducated opinion that makes people who struggle feel worse.

You have 31,000 followers. Safe to say some of them probably struggle with depression, mental illness or physical illness.

I wrote about suicide when Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. It’s a 4 minute read — 3 if you read fast.

I hope you’ll read it.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes. https://lindac.substack.com/

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