This piece is just beautiful. The work you’re doing is so, so needed. The pictures made my day — and thanks for sharing them.

The part I highlighted — you and so many others. Because doctors are so quick to say well it takes a while to find the right dose, or it takes a while before they work, and a zillion other reasons. It makes me want to hand that book to every doctor who says those things.

My Dad was a WWII veteran that suffered flashbacks and survivor’s guilt the rest of his life. I was his caregiver when he was terminally ill in the last year of his life. First thing i did was got him into a senior’s group. He lived with me, but went to group meetings for “conversation and cards” 2–3 days a week. It was the happiest I ever saw him.

Wish we’d been able to do more for him in his younger years… like the work you’re doing. What a gift you are giving to so many. ❤

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