This kind of hurts to read. If someone was punching you (me, anyone) — physically — every day, would we all say well, wear armor.

No, of course we wouldn’t.

And while I do agree that “thicker skin” makes the verbal abuse hurt less, should we need to?

Personally, I think content repositories — and I don’t care whether it’s Huffington Post or Medium or which site — should have SOME responsibility to let people know verbal abuse is not acceptable.

Is it so damn hard to say “attack ideas, not people”

No. It’s not.

So why don’t they? The cynical part of me thinks it’s because they know that disagreement brings clicks.

Mob rule is the best crowd builder, eh?

I’m sorry people were shitty. And congrats on getting featured in Huffington Post. Good job!

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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