This is the world we still live in. We have men sitting around a table deciding what women can do with their bodies. We have states where abortion is banned even in the case of rape. We have a presidential run where both candidates have been accused of rape and no one cares.

Women still get paid 80 cents on the male dollar.

And do I need to mention rape culture and the rampant growth of incel groups that are so vile even Reddit banned them? Reddit, for gosh sakes!

Look at advertising today. We use bikini clad women to sell cars and beer and all the “manly” things and women’s magazines are still full of articles on how to find a man, keep a man, please a man.

This is not just the world our mothers and grandmothers lived in. Just because protests have made slight changes to print ads does not mean collective thought has changed much.

Not to mention a POTUS who recently used the phrase “chinese virus” — is that so different than the thinking behind that ad?

Thanks for sharing these, but would have liked to see a bit more emphasis on how we still hold those ideas even if we don’t print them in magazines.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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