This Is Not Really Tom Cruise. It’s AI. It’s Fake Tom Cruise. Can You Tell?

Some people refuse to believe this isn’t Tom Cruise. It’s too real. Do you know how easy it is to make deep fake videos like this?

Linda Caroll
6 min readMay 20


screencap by author // source: #deeptomcruise

Say “AI” and you know what most people think of?

They think of ChatGPT, which can now pass AI detection more often than not while many humans don’t, and I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

Or they think of one of the AI art programs that lets people create art with a few text prompts. Look at you, painting like Picasso!

Know what they don’t think about when you say AI?

Videos. Deep fake videos.

And we should. We really, really should.

Because they’re scary real.

Y‘all, this is not Tom Cruise...

It’s a deep fake Tom Cruise. From the TikTok account #deeptomcruise.

Can you even believe this?

I repeat. This. Is. Fake. It’s not Tom Cruise.

Viewers are stunned. Just stunned.

The creases in his forehead when he raises his eyebrows. The way he laughs and fixes his hair. Looks like Tom Cruise.

Except, it’s not.

Clip after clip, viewers are saying if this isn’t the real Tom Cruice, they’ll be stunned. A lot of viewers don’t believe it. Won’t believe it. They think it’s Tom Cruise and someone is trying to fool them into thinking it’s not.

Surely this has to be Tom Cruise. Right?

No. Sorry. It’s not.

screencap by author // source

If you also note the date on the comments, this was 2 years ago.



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