This is a terrifying question, isn’t it? Look at the world we live in. CEOs have seen an 1100% raise in the last 40 years while giving workers only 11.9%.

Most people have little or no savings and are 2 paychecks from broke, but look how angry they are at the thought of healthcare for everyone, or social changes that even the score. They would do without themselves before they’ll see someone “less deserving” get a nickel of their tax dollars.

Why isn’t every parent screaming about children in cages? Well, because they shouldn’t have come, then. Go home, immigrant, nevermind how many of them are fleeing war or how many of us were born of people who were immigrants 2-3 generations ago.

Too many people would rather see the world blow up and humanity die before they will let go of their perceptions of pecking order. Because it’s okay, then they will sit at the right hand of God or something like that.

It’s terrifying and I hope the oppressed and minorities learn to speak real loud and real often while there is still time.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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