These numbers are way, way too low. One of my clients was paying an “agency” $1500 per article. For $1500, the agency would create the article and distribute it on social media because the client didn’t have their own following yet.

A lot of agencies hire people at the prices you’re talking about and squeeze them as low as they’ll go. To make a living, one needs to get out of that squeezed writer place.

Businesses struggle with social media, for sure, but time isn’t the greatest issue. They just say it is because no one wants to say we’re over our head and don’t know what to do.

But schedulers take care of the time issue if they know what to do. They don’t. What they struggle with is not knowing what to post or how to grow their reach. They have no clue.

If all a writer brings to the table is the ability to write, then it’s hard to get paid well because there’s so many people who write for cheap.

But when you can ask yourself what problem you can solve that the business hasn’t figured out how to solve, then you can pretty much charge what you want.

Sorry for how long this was. Been self employed a really LONG time and what I do is help people figure out where the money is. lol.

Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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