The word “claimed” made me laugh out loud. The original piece was tongue in cheek. If we were to go beyond opinion (anecdote and speculation) or humor, statistics show that people with a low IQ have more children than people with a high IQ.

So, one could surmise that we are, in fact, getting dumber. The screw in the works is that people with a low IQ can have children with a high IQ.

If you dig around for statistics, there’s some argument whether IQ has risen or dropped since the 1930s, and the numbers they’re quibbling about are 1–3 IQ points.

When you consider how averages are obtained, paired with the population growth, it seems pretty moot, at least to me.

Personally, I think there’s always been enough intelligent people to move us forward as a whole, and still is. But that part is just my 2 cents. :)

P.S. Thanks for having an honest to goodness conversation — I do enjoy those!

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