The story is even worse. The school has 2 kinds of lunches. There’s the lunch kids get when they can pay, and the lunch kids get if they can’t pay.

If she’d given him the same lunch kids who can’t pay get, she would not have been fired. But she let him have the paid lunch, on promise of payment. So she got fired.

Apparently, it’s not bad enough that kids bully and ridicule those who wear the wrong clothes or live in the wrong neighborhoods. Now they can also measure worth by their lunch?

It’s really f*cked up, and it’s teaching kids at a real young age that you are a have or a have not. For a school to have a policy that ingrains that lesson into young minds is abominable.

Parents should be protesting the way the lunch program is run. But then, who listens to poor people? Because they obviously just don’t work hard enough, right? We live in a messed up world.

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