The real issue goes a step beyond what’s right. The real issue is how we define right. A lot of people — mostly men, but women too — think it’s “right” to see women as inferior to men because they believe they are.

80% of women believe women should be equal to men. 20% do not. It’s not even just men. There are still women who believe the man is superior and that lady brains (and bodies) simply are not equal. Add in the men who think that and the number of people who see women as inferior is staggering.

When you have a cultural belief that one gender is inferior, it becomes okay, (even acceptable) to pay them less, to tell them to shut up and cover up.

Sometimes, the fastest way to smash those beliefs IS in court. Not just Cosby and Weinstein, but Epstein and Roe vs Wade and every domestic abuse case fought in small courtrooms that no one hears of, but sets a precedent.

For a lot of people, seeing women as inferior and secondary to men is right and so when they act that way, they are doing what they see as “right.” It’s how we define right that needs to change.

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