The problem with saying “all lives matter…”

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When people say “all lives matter” it overlooks the fact that specific demographics are being targeted. Usually *by* white people.

The most important things about privilege (in my opinion) are
(a) actually recognizing it… followed by
(b) what one does with it.

You won the birth lottery. I won the birth lottery. By some chance of fate and immigration, we were born in North America. We don’t have to worry about being killed for wanting to go to school. We aren’t going to be stoned to death for leaving the house without a man, or for being raped. Etc., etc.

So what do we do with that? Do we walk around saying; “Well, I didn’t *ask* to be born in North America. Don’t blame *me* for winning the birth lottery.

Or do we recognize what we have and figure out some small way to use the privilege we have to help someone that doesn’t have it?

Also, fwiw, I think people can discuss issues without “fuming” — unless they have a proclivity for drama, which I do not.

P.S. Asking what’s wrong with saying “all lives matter” makes a mockery of the title. Clearly, you don’t understand, because if you did, you wouldn’t have to ask that question.

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