The problem is much deeper than this. In the western world, we are not taught to think about social problems as structural problems. We are not taught to see how forces like capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy create many of the challenges we face in our lives -- that those forces are why we are broke, struggling and without health care.

Instead, we are taught to "self-help" our way out of structural problems. We are taught that the American dream is real and if we just "improve" ourselves, our problems will go away.

Before people can begin to understand social investment, they must first understand that our problems are not that we are lazy and unmotivated, but that there are deeply structural problems that intentionally keep people down.

Here is just one example. If you or I start a corporation, do you think we will get the tax incentives Bezos gets? Do you think we will pay no taxes? Of course not. That's for the wealthy.

Here's another. Many people dream of writing books to earn side income. Which is fine and well. But if you sell it for more than $10, Bezos keeps 90%.

We have much to learn as a society, and none of it is taught in school.

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