The last 3 words are what’s important. Not for you. What about everyone else? Other people must like those types of posts or they wouldn’t be here and they wouldn’t get read. But they are here and they do get read.

The ones I dislike are the “how to fix your life” posts. I find them to be rather presumptuous.

Problem is, your suggestion wouldn’t work for a few reasons.

First, people would down vote based on topic too, not just writing skill. Anti-feminists would vote down feminist pieces, republicans would vote down pro-democrat pieces (and vice verse) — etc. It’s human nature.

Secondly, people are real quick to vote things down, but not so quick to vote thing up, which would skew results.

And last, not all pieces get the same exposure, so it would be an unfair playing field. A post with 1000 views and 10 down votes isn’t the same as a post with 100 views and 10 down votes.

Although blocking people seems harsh, I think the only way to find content that truly interests you is to block all the people who consistently write stuff you don’t want to read.


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