That’s it in a nutshell. Insects are dying, pollinators are dying. And the planet isn’t withering. No, it’s burning and flooding. Rampant fires while sea levels are rising.

Islands expected to disappear in our lifetime. The Phillipines, over a million people. Fiji, almost a million. Solomon Islands, 600K. The Maldives, half a million. Cape Verde, half a million. And more. Where are all those people going to go? To the land that’s burning?

And what do we do? We run around like a horde of immature Bart Simpsons screaming that we didn’t do it. Climate deniers who think their uneducated opinion is equal to an educated one. Politicians and the wealthy elite who make bank as the world burns have no vested interest in solving it. Sure, they’re going to die too. But they’ll be the last ones standing because they’ve bled the rest of us to make sure of it.

And we? The vast majority? Do we vote in the people who could affect change? No. We vote in the guy who hates the same people we do. We need to smarten up, collectively, and quickly. The clock keeps ticking.

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Top writer. Featured in NYT, Forbes.

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