That's assuming there will be a vaccine, of course. Just because they're "working on" one doesn't mean it will come to fruition.

Not all vaccines work the same, either. The vaccine for measles only requires periodic booster shots.

Some viruses, once you get them, never go away. Like chickenpox. Once you've had it, it sets up camp in your spine and stays there the rest of your life. At any random point, it can cause shingles, which are very painful.

Here's another. Influenza virus changes year to year and requires annual vaccinations. Every year, 25,000 -- 62,000 people die of influenza. But still, only 45% of adults bother to get the vaccine.

What if coronavirus morphs like influenza does? What if less than half the people bother to get the vaccination? All those people who don't get the vaccination would then infect people around them.

And also? With coronavirus, we are contagious and passing it around long before we have any symptoms.

Covid very well could make us look at how we exist in the world. Especially as time goes by with no "return to normal" and more and more people struggling to pay bills while the rich get richer and can afford to wait it out.

Perhaps it could become a catalyst for systemic change if we're smart enough to look at it that way. I hope we are.

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