That’s a really interesting perspective, Sergey! I like when you comment, because you always make me think. You’re right that to some degree, we do idealize people when we may not know what they always think/feel/etc.

Plus, you thought of a 3rd type that I missed. Because absolutely, we can have a role model based on a skill. Omg, if I could sculpt like Wendy Froud — in that one area, she is a role model for sure. I don’t even know her, but admire her work. I could name tons of role models for different skillsets.

Youre also right that morals and ideas change over time. Heck, I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago at all.

But I do still think that if other people, despite their flaws and the bits I don’t know, can inspire me to be a better me in this pocket of time, that’s a good thing.

Thanks for a great conversation! ❤

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